Three reasons truck maintenance is important:

Why should I care about regular truck maintenance? If I run into a problem I can just solve it then which will save me time and money right? Well… not exactly. Quite simply there are several good reasons why regular vehicle maintenance is good for business: 1. Reduce your operating costs 2. Avoid undue accidents or injury to employees or others and 3. It is required by law.

When it comes to establishing a preventative maintenance plan for your fleet or commercial vehicles the important thing to remember is to be proactive rather than reactive. Reacting to a maintenance problem will cost you more time, money, and resources than if you had a regular maintenance plan in place. Being reactive to maintenance or repair issues will result in: reduced lifespan of the vehicle, more expensive repairs, lost time on the road, and possible legal consequences due to negligence. An expansion of the points listed above outlines the importance of regular truck maintenance:

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Reduce Operating Costs

Regular maintenance is the best way to make sure that operating costs are at a minimum. If regular maintenance is performed on all commercial vehicles, everything will run more efficiently and there will be less unexpected breakdowns or other repair issues. Making a checklist based on manufacturer recommendations and keeping detailed records will ensure efficiency, longer lifespan on the vehicle, and less expensive repairs which in turn translates to more time, resources, and profit.

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Avoiding Accidents and Injury

This may seem like a given but accidents and injury can become a serious problem in any business and the commercial trucking industry is no exception. The ramifications can be detrimental to your business whether it is an injured mechanic or driver, an accident that injured someone else, a damaged vehicle, costly repairs, or even legal problems. These nasty problems can be greatly minimized with regular truck maintenance. An employee who must be out of work due to injury can have a serious effect on business, not only is it inconvenient but will almost certainly affect productivity. Accidents are a major disadvantage to commercial fleets as they usually result in loss of a vehicle (temporarily or permanently), possible bodily harm to employees or others, and major repair costs. How frustrating would it be to discover that regular maintenance could have prevented an accident which greatly affected your business?

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It's Required by Law

“OSHA regulations govern the safety and health of the workers and the responsibilities of employers to ensure their safety at the warehouse, dock, construction site, and in other places truckers go to deliver and pick up loads throughout the country.” ( Other governmental agencies, such as the EPA, also regulate the trucking industry to ensure safety for workers and for the environment. Following safety and maintenance requirements will do several things: make sure the working environment stays safe, continue to reduce operating costs by preventing major repair issues, keeping vehicles on the road, having satisfied employees, and ensuring that you follow state and federal law.

For several reasons, it is crucial to perform regularly scheduled maintenance on all commercial vehicles to ensure maximum efficiency in your business. Making sure that your business is saving time and money, taking measures to maintain a safe work environment, and following state and federal law are only a few of the reasons as to why regular maintenance should be performed on all commercial vehicles. Of course, it is good to prevent accidents and to try to be as resourceful as possible, but why not avoid lots of potential headaches and wasted resources? Make sure you are performing regular maintenance on all trucks and commercial vehicles, come up with a consistent plan or checklist and make sure to keep detailed records. These practices will ensure that you are running your business as efficiently and smoothly as possible!

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